Antony Brown (born Purley, Surrey on 4th April 1922, died January 2001 in London) appeared in Coronation Street in November 1969 as the Chairman Magistrate at the trial of Elsie Tanner for shoplifting and in March 1972 as harassed rent officer Mr. Grimley.

He also appeared in Compact, No Hiding Place, Redcap, Crown Court, Shelley, Edward & Mrs. Simpson, Blakes' 7, Target, Love for Lydia, Hammer House of Horror, The Jewel in the Crown, Reilly: Ace of Spies and the films Sweeney!, Silver Dream Racer and Give My Regards to Broad Street.

Stage roles include the Earl of Essex in King John at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and was heard on the Third Programme in several productions by the company.

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