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Archie Shuttleworth
Archie Shuttleworth
Occupation Undertaker
Sibling(s) Stella
First appearance 17th February 2002
Last appearance 10th May 2010
Duration 2002-2003, 2006, 2010
Number of appearances 117
Played by Roy Hudd

Archie Shuttleworth was a local undertaker at Shuttleworth's Independent Funeral Directors on Tile Street, who first appeared as Blanche Hunt's new companion. Archie always saw the good in Blanche. He asked Audrey Roberts to help out part-time and dress the hair of some of his deceased clients but this made Blanche jealous. Finally Archie finished with Blanche. He's been a very good friend to Audrey, even opening his home to her after her evil son in law Richard Hillman attempted to kill her by burning down her house. Archie was the only one at first that believed that Audrey was not losing her mind and that Richard was trying to kill her and stood by her admirably. He eventually fell in love with Audrey but when he asked her if there was any chance they could be more than friends, she gently told him there could not be.

Archie returned for Mike Baldwin's funeral in April 2006.

When his friend Blanche died in May 2010, he held her funeral and even returned to the Rovers to toast to her. He was glad to see that Audrey was happy.

First and last linesEdit

"My dear." (First line, to Blanche Hunt)


"Well, I'm glad to hear that." (Final line, to Audrey Roberts)

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