Arlene Jones
Arlene Jones
Occupation Barmaid
Spouse(s) Arthur Jones
First appearance 18th August 1980
Last appearance 20th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by Geraldine Moffatt

Arlene Jones was sent to the Rovers Return Inn by Newton & Ridley as a relief barmaid while Annie Walker and Betty Turpin were away. Bet Lynch kidded her on that Fred Gee had something mentally wrong with him and that she should just humour him. Arlene spent her first shift eyeing up Fred for signs of his illness and soon realised that she had been the victim of a practical joke but randy Fred had noticed her appraising him and came to the erroneous conclusion that she fancied him. He asked her to work late "tidying up" however, Arlene's big husband, Arthur, was in the pub, jealous of the attraction she garnered in her bar work. She told Bet who Arthur was but asked her to keep quiet. Bet tried to keep this promise and yet warn Fred off. He took no notice but when time was called he annoyed Arthur by asking if he was deaf. Not happy with the way in which Fred had been ogling his wife all night, Arthur told her to collect her wages, check that they were right and leave with him. She meekly obeyed. Arlene had already told Bet that the pub was grotty, the tips were small and she wouldn't be returning so neither were suprised when she failed to appear again.

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