Arlene Tinker
Arlene Tinker
Residence Weatherfield
Mother Nancy Tinker
Sibling(s) Beth Tinker
Children Millie Tinker
Penny Tinker
Sinead Tinker
First appearance 5th January 2015
Last appearance 12th January 2018
Number of appearances 6
Played by Alison Burrows

Arlene Tinker is the granddaughter of Agnes, daughter of Nancy, sister of Beth and mother of Sinead. The family arrived at 5 Coronation Street in January 2015 to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Beth and her fiancé Kirk Sutherland. Upon seeing Jason Grimshaw fixing a radiator in the living room as soon as they were invited inside, the women initially mistook him for the groom-to-be and expressed stark disappointment when they were finally introduced when Kirk came back home.

When Kirk realised that he, Chesney Brown, Tyrone Dobbs and Craig Tinker all planned to attend the 80s themed wedding as The Blues Brothers, Kirk decided to dress up as Adam Ant instead and after returning to No.5 to collect his outfit he overheard Agnes, Nancy and Arlene putting him down for his meagre job as a packer at Underworld and poked fun at the way he spoke. Following the ceremony at Weatherfield Register Office, the couple held their reception at the Rovers where Arlene openly flirted with Dev Alahan and had her card marked by his drunken partner Julie Carp. The family left soon afterwards.

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