Arnold Crabtree
Occupation French Polisher
Spouse(s) Florence Crabtree
Children Hilda Crabtree (1924)
Archie Crabtree
Norman Crabtree
Number of appearances Unseen

Arnold Crabtree was the father of Archie, Norman and Hilda Crabtree, and the maternal grandfather of Freda, Dudley, Tony and Sylvia Ogden.

Arnold and his family were never rich - his position as an embalmer made sure of that. The Crabtree family moved from slum to slum, including Silk Street, Kitchener Street and, worst of all, Back Butler Street. However, his wife Florence kept the houses immaculate and made sure the fumigation crew never descended upon the Crabtree residence.

Arnold and Florence had died before Hilda and her husband Stan moved into 13 Coronation Street.

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