Arnold Sheppard
First appearance 7th June 1971
Last appearance 9th June 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Julian Somers

Arnold Sheppard was a dismissive and authoritarian resident of Victoria Street who, along with neighbour Maude Braddock, clashed with the residents of Coronation Street for control of the committee that would run the new Community Centre when it opened in June 1971. While Sheppard was voted chairman, Ernie Bishop got the consolation prize of secretary. Sheppard, like Mrs Braddock, was also caustic about Ernie and Emily Nugent's suggestions for events that could be held at the centre, such as art and photography, suspecting that the latter was simply a ruse to boost trade in Ernie's camera shop.

At the official opening, the dispute continued with Ernest and Emily more in favour of educational purposes while Sheppard and Braddock wanted bingo evenings. Whilst on their own, Sheppard commented that some of his neighbours from Victoria Street would have been better for the committee. Ena Sharples overheard and commented tartly that it was wonderful to see people pulling together! A later quarrel between the four was interrupted again, this time by Minnie Caldwell who pointed to a poster which said, "community through harmony"!

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