Arthur Burrows
Arthur Burrows
Occupation Drayman
First appearance 28th December 1970
Last appearance 6th January 1971
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ken Jones

Arthur Burrows was a drayman who worked for Newton & Ridley. Mouthy and surly, he was rude to Betty Turpin when he tried to get through the door of the Rovers Return Inn with a crate of ale. She told him that when she was at school the words were “excuse me” and he retorted that two world wars had taken place since then. He was impatient for Billy Walker to sign the delivery note but he refused, noting that they were two boxes short of bitter lemons. Billy knew full well what Burrows's game was but generously said that he would put it down to an honest mistake however he refused his offer of a delivery the next day and threatened to ring the brewery. Burrows told Betty that Billy was slave-driver just before he was left alone in the public for a short while...

Soon afterwards, inspectors from the Health Department arrived following a tip-off and took samples of the scotch, gin and rum and sent them off for analysis. The subsequent report showed that the gin had been watered down and Annie Walker found herself in trouble with the brewery and a deserted bar as the customers deserted her in droves.

A week later, Burrows was complaining in the Top Drum pub about the slow service and was told to try elsewhere. He made an ironic comment that his custom would be welcome in the Rovers. He then laughed that they’d rue the day that they were funny with him. Stan Ogden overheard the comment and Hilda confirmed who he was. Stan put two and two together and then told Len Fairclough and Ray Langton what he had heard. They went to the Top Drum and watched as Arthur threw his weight about in the bar. They got him to join him for a drink and span a yarn that the Rovers had gone downhill since Jack Walker’s death and Annie “wasn’t fit to run a dog meat shop”. Burrows was taken in and admitted watering down the gin. Len immediately grabbed him and told him he was going to tell the truth to the police. He did so and the case against Annie was dropped.

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