Arthur dewhurst
Arthur Dewhurst
Occupation Detective
First appearance 5th April 1961
Last appearance 28th June 1961
Number of appearances 12
Played by Robin Wentworth

Arthur Dewhurst was a Weatherfield Detective. From April to June 1961, he and Elsie Tanner were an item.

For a police officer, Arthur could at times appear feeble-minded, with his slow-talking, slow-moving manner making him seem rather inauthoritative. He liked to enjoy life and seemingly always had a grin on his face and a cigarette in his hand.

Arthur met Elsie when Elsie's son Dennis found him bleeding in the back alley of Coronation Street. Arthur was interested in Elsie and they started seeing each other, despite Elsie being in the middle of a divorce.

Although Arthur quickly felt comfortable with their relationship, he wasn't keen on Elsie's men friends and compensated by being overly possessive and clingy. Elsie noticed this and, feeling suffocated by Arthur, dumped him. Arthur transferred to another district in July that year.

List of appearancesEdit


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