Arthur Jones
Arthur Jones
Spouse(s) Arlene Jones
First appearance 20th August 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by Ted Beyer

Arthur Jones was the large and threatening husband of Rovers relief barmaid Arlene Jones. Fred Gee, looking after the pub while Annie Walker was on holiday, took Arlene on and instantly took a fancy to her. Not knowing she was married, he asked her to stay behind after hours to help “tidy up” but as he had bathed and covered himself in aftershave Bet Lynch cottoned on to his real motives. Finding who from Arlene that the large man playing dominos was her jealous husband, Bet tried to warn Fred off but he wouldn’t listen. As Fred called time, he annoyed Arthur by asking if he was deaf. Not happy with the way in which Fred had been ogling his wife all night, Arthur told her to collect her wages, check that they were right and leave with him. She meekly obeyed and Fred, realising how close he had come to a good thumping, commented ruefully that he’d had enough and was now finished with women.

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