Arthur Noblett
Arthur Noblett
First appearance 16th September 1970
Last appearance 28th September 1970
Number of appearances 3
Played by Jack Woolgar

Arthur Noblett was a dirty cantankerous pensioner who resented Lucille Hewitt's attempts to help him out. Lucille became aware of Arthur through her work with the Salvation Army. Their relationship did not get off to a good start when she bought his shopping for him at the Coronation Street Corner Shop rather than the cheaper Higgins's that he usually bought from.

Lucille wasn't put off by Arthur's unfriendliness. Though he did his best to ignore her by playing his music loudly, Lucille tried to get to know him by asking about his family. Arthur told her his wife was dead and his sons never visited him.

Further trouble brewed when Lucille asked Billy Walker to repair Arthur's radio. Billy destroyed it accidentally and Arthur turned down Lucille's offer of a television in its stead. Arthur was intent on reporting Lucille to her superiors in the Salvation Army but was molified when Ena Sharples gave him her radio.

As a result of her interactions with Arthur, Lucille left the Salvation Army.

List of appearancesEdit


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