Arthur Smith
Occupation Mark Brittain Warehouse Operations Manager
First appearance 8th November 1971
Last appearance 10th November 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Forbes Collins

Arthur Smith was an operations manager at the Mark Brittain Warehouse. In November 1971, Arthur offered supervisor Elsie Howard the position of fashion supermarket first assistant in Solihull. The balding man was keen for Elsie to take the position and informed her that the salary was £1,800 a year for starters, despite Elsie asking him not to tell her as she wanted to discuss it with Alan Howard first. Later, Alan caught up with Arthur outside the Corner Shop, to discuss the promotion. Alan was uncomfortable at the thought of moving and being dependent on Elsie's wages until he found another job. Arthur remarked that his own wife didn't work but Alan thought the situation was a different as he was the man of the household.

Elsie ultimately decided not to take the promotion.

The character was mentioned in dialogue in Episode 1089 (23rd June 1971), five months before he appeared on screen.

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