Arthur Sugden, complete with a nautical beard, was the officer in charge of the Weatherfield sea cadets. Jerry Booth had built his own boat, a heron-class dingy which he named "Shangri-La", and wanted lessons in how to sail the vessel. After being laughed at by Freddie Baxter of the Weatherfield Sailing Club, Jerry attended a meeting of the cadets at the Community Centre. Jerry had been chatting with cadets Phil Banks and John Evans before Arthur arrived to bring the group to attention and the boys were impressed that Jerry had his own boat as they only had only other vessel in which to use. While Sugden was initially reluctant to help Jerry, when he heard of the boat he realised that assistance might lead to another boat which his boys could use and Jerry was given a lesson in sailing theory as part of the meeting although a lot of the technical terms passed over him. Sugden greed that the class of boys could go round to the Builder's Yard to see the boat where Jerry was annoyed to see that Ray Langton had varnished it as he had wanted to complete the entire job with his own hands.