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Asha Alahan 2013
Asha Alahan
Born 13th January 2006
Birthplace Weatherfield
Residence 7 Coronation Street
Father Dev Alahan
Mother Sunita Alahan
Sibling(s) Shareen (half sister)
Amber Kalirai (half sister)
Aadi Alahan
First appearance 13th January 2006
Duration 2006, 2009 to present
Number of appearances 124 (as of Episode 8708)
Played by Tanisha Gorey

Asha Alahan is the daughter of Dev and Sunita Alahan. She was born on 13th January 2006, shortly after her twin brother Aadi. In March of that year, Sunita still hadn't got back together with her father, and decided to leave the Street with the twins.

In late 2009, the twins returned when Sunita resumed her relationship with Dev. Sunita feared that Asha had meningitis after discovering she had spots and a high temperature. A Doctor from the Medical Centre visited their home and much to the relief of a worried Dev and Sunita, Asha was diagnosed with a virus.

In April 2013, the twins lost their mother when Sunita died from her injuries following a fire in the Rovers Return Inn - the fire being started by her ex-boyfriend Karl Munro, who also turned off her life support machine in Weatherfield General.


"We're not asleep." (First line)

"She doesn't feel anything, she's dead!" (Asha to Aadi and Simon Barlow, discussing Sunita's passing)

"Where's your dress, Simone?!" (Asha to Simon Barlow, bullying him over a video)

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