Ashdale Road was the location of a newly married Jack and Annie Walker's lodgings prior to getting the tenancy of the Rovers Return Inn in 1937.

In 1986 it was also the location, at No. 41, of several flats where Gloria Todd and Alan Bradley lodged. In 1992, Don Brennan stayed at Wentworths Guest House which was situated on the road at No. 191, and in February 1997 the location where Joyce Smedley was knocked down and killed by Tony Horrocks in a hit and run, as Joyce chased after her dog Scamper into the road when he slipped his lead.

In March 2016, Rana Habeeb looked at a flat to rent in Florence House on the same road.

From Around the Coronation Street Houses (Daran Little, Boxtree Limited, 1997)