Assistant (Episode 7077)
Occupation Price Co employee
First appearance 15th May 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Lisa Whiteside

Eddie Windass had "stolen" details of Roy Cropper's account number and password for Price Co cash and carry, and went along to the store on a couple of occasions to stock up on discount-price alcohol.

On his second visit, Eddie's trolley was once again laden and after giving the card details out to the checkout Assistant they were both startled when an alarmed red light activated and the Manager and several other staff-members rushed towards him. Fearing that he'd been "caught in the act", the manager congratulated "Mr Roy Cropper" and told Eddie that he was the store's millionth customer and had duly won a European weekend break for himself and his partner in a city of their choice. After being handed a glass of champagne and publicity photographs had been taken, Eddie told the manager that he'd be in touch.

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