Dr aston
Occupation Doctor
First appearance 12th August 1963
Last appearance 22nd December 1965
Number of appearances 7
Played by Aleksander Browne

Aston was a medical Doctor who was called upon to examine or treat several Coronation Street residents in the mid-1960s.

In September 1963, he was contacted when Sheila Birtles was found to have nearly attempted suicide by overdose. When Aston arrived in Sheila's flat, he urged her to take a drink and listened to her slow outpouring of emotion. He recommended that she be taken to hospital immediately. Before leaving, he also examined Dennis Tanner's arm, which was injured when Dennis smashed the window to the flat to get in.

In 1965, Dr Aston performed Ena Sharples's vaccination before she travelled abroad for the first time. In December of that year, he diagnosed Jack Walker as having had a nervous breakdown, and two days later told David Barlow that he had a torn ligament, sustained earlier that day during a charity football match.

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