Auctioneer (Episode 7136)
First appearance 7th August 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Bowerman

The unnamed Auctioneer worked for Ellis Cooke Estate Agents and conducted affairs at the company's auction house.

Jason Grimshaw and Tina McIntyre (along with Jason's mother Eileen) were in attendance when "Lot 14" - 12 Coronation Street - was one of the properties going under the hammer in August 2009.

In a crowded room and with some initial hesitation by prospective purchasers, the autioneer was forced to start the bidding at £30,000 and interest in the property soon picked up. However with a woman at the back of the room and a telephone bidder both bowing-out of the proceedings, Jason and Tina purchased No.12 for £54,750.

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