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Audrey's is a hair salon currently located at number 2 Coronation Street. Built in 1989 it was originally the location of a charity shop prior to its conversion to a salon in 1991. Since the owners have included Denise Osbourne, Fiona Middleton and Audrey Roberts.


Number 2 Coronation Street was built in 1989 on the former site of Baldwin's Casuals following sale of the land by Mike Baldwin.

Friends of Weatherfield Hospital Charity ShopEdit

It remained empty on its construction until it was rented out to Friends of Weatherfield Hospital and opened as a charity shop. The shop was managed by Coronation Street resident Emily Bishop, who had long associations with the charity and officially opened by Councillor Deirdre Barlow on 27th February, with some of Emily's friends donating old clothes to stock up (although in Bet Gilroy's case, Emily wondered if her anybody but her would wear her clothes!).

The shop attracted mostly elderly custom, including Emily's lodger Percy Sugden who often dropped by to keep an eye on her. On 8th April, Joss Shackleton collapsed in the store after being pushed by Percy, resulting in Joss being rushed to hospital and needing a blood transfusion.

Two days before Christmas 1991, Emily was told that the lease on the shop wasn't going to be renewed, but she kept the flame alive by storing stock from the shop at No.3.

Hair SalonEdit

In 1992, the salon was bought by Denise Osbourne, who took on Fiona Middleton and Jon Welch as hairdressers. Denise left Weatherfield in 1996 and sold the salon to Fiona, whose friend Maxine Heavey, was assistant who continued to work at the salon as a stylist until her death in 2003. Fiona herself left Weatherfield in 1998 selling the salon to Audrey Roberts.

In November 1999, Audrey renamed the salon "Audrey's." In October of the next year, while Audrey was on holiday, stylist Candice Stowe became temporary boss. Debs Brownlow walked out on Audrey the next month. After the death of Audrey's best friend Alma Halliwell in 2001, Audrey renamed the salon "Alma's".

"Alma's" reverted to "Audrey's" in April 2003 following the death of Alma's 'cousin' and Gail's husband, Richard Hillman who was responsible for the death of Maxine (among others) and tried to kill Audrey and her family. Other staff throughout the years have included Maria Sutherland, Natasha Blakeman, and Audrey's grandchildren Sarah and David Platt.

Edna Hargreaves died at the salon while under the drier in March 2011. In August 2011 Audrey took the day off. Having David and Kylie watch the salon turned out to be a disaster as Kylie told Betty they don't do OAPs on Monday.


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