Avril carter
Avril Carter
Occupation Chip shop worker
First appearance 18th May 1983
Last appearance 8th June 1983
Number of appearances 5
Played by Jean Rimmer

Avril Carter worked as an assistant to Hilda Ogden's brother Archie Crabtree at his chip shop in 1983. When Archie died of a heart attack that year after a short illness, Avril battled Hilda over the shop.

Avril told Hilda she was Archie's common-law wife and that his dying wish was for her to have his shop, but as he hadn't signed a will to that effect, Hilda as his only surviving sister was his next of kin and thus its legal owner. Avril barred the Ogdens from the shop, threatening them with police action should they try to remove her or break in. To bolster her claim to the business, Avril told Hilda she was Archie's fiancée and they were already living together, but this was debunked by Eddie Yeats who let Hilda know that Avril's bin men had seen Frank Beasley, an employee at the shop, leaving her flat in the early hours but never Archie. Hilda threatened to take Avril to court but Frank, a married man, warned Avril that he'd finish with her if she kept up the battle. Avril realised she was beaten and she let the Ogdens have the shop.

List of appearancesEdit


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