Babs Fanshawe
Babs Fanshawe
Died 18th March 1998
Sibling(s) Colin Fanshawe
First appearance 18th March 1998
Number of appearances 1
Played by Brigit Forsyth

Babs Fanshawe was a client of the Golden Years Agency who Ken Barlow accompanied for dinner at the Pleasure Garden restaurant in March 1998. Halfway through the meal, Babs collapsed in the ladies' toilets due to a heart attack. Although she never regained consciousness, she was taken by ambulance to Weatherfield General. Ken was forced to talk to the police since it was believed that they were a couple. Babs's brother Colin called at No.1 to speak about the funeral arrangements but was angry when Ken informed him that he was in fact an escort. Colin accused him of preying on old, vulnerable women.

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