The unnamed Babyshop Assistant worked in Babyland on Rosamund Street and served expectant mother Linda Cheveski when she came in to look at prams with a view to buying one. She was especially interested in a white one with duck egg blue trimmings which cost £31/14/11 cash. She asked for hire purchase and was told that their deferred terms were £8 deposit and the remainder over twelve monthly instalments. He offered to show her a cheaper model but she had set her heart on that pram and asked to pay weekly instead of monthly. He agreed but Linda was alarmed to see a couple looking with interest over her choice. She asked that it be reserved, which the assistant said he couldn't do, but he did agree to show the couple over a different model and try and persuade them to take that one. He took the couple across the shop and gave Linda thumbs up when he looked like being successful. He then took her details for the HP.

To save her the cost, Elsie Tanner went to the same shop a few days later to purchase the desired pram outright. The assistant tried to divert her from her pram of choice, not realising she was Linda's mother and only gave in when Elsie offered cash. He was genuinely shocked that she was buying it for her grandchild, rather than her own child, and complimented her on her youthfulness. When Elsie returned home with the pram, she found out that Ivan Cheveski had bought an identical model, though in slightly different colours.

The part of the Assistant was played by Stephen Hancock, six years before he made his debut as regular character Ernest Bishop.