The unnamed Bailiff and his colleague carried out a Warrant of Execution on Owen Armstrong on behalf of their company SRC Debt Recovery to collect £5,480 due to them or goods to the same value from 6 Coronation Street. Owen's financial affairs had nose-dived since he became involved in the dealings of crooked builder Pat Phelan. He was facing a bankruptcy petition and knew that he and partner Anna Windass might lose the house if the court hearing went against him. In addition, he started to receive a series of bailiffs' letters threatening visits. Leaving for a job, he ordered Gary and Faye Windass not to open the door to anyone they didn't know but the young girl did just that when Gary nipped to the Corner Shop, thinking that it was a man with building supplies for Owen. Once invited into the house, the bailiffs were able to legally proceed with their business.

They started to take goods, including Faye's laptop and offered to stall for part-payment but Gary could only offer a nominal sum of between £80 to £100 and was told to get serious by the woman. Faye ran to get Anna from the cafe while Gary tried desperately to contact Owen on his mobile. He and Anna arrived at much the same moment and begged for more time but the woman was unmoving and suggested that repossession of the goods might actually be of a help to them by reducing some of the debt. She further angered him by showing an interest in his van. A distraught Faye made a grab for her and she sternly warned Anna that she would let the incident go but she had to take control of her family. Anna even offered her jewellery to make them go away but realised it wasn't enough. As a sympathetic Sally Webster took Faye away, the two began to empty the house of its valuable contents.