Bailiff 1 8674
Bailiff 1
First appearance 3rd July 2015
Last appearance 3rd July 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Julian Walsh

The unnamed Bailiff and his colleague attempted to carry out a warrant of execution against Cathy Matthews for unpaid debts. She locked herself in her house and rang Roy Cropper for help. He arrived with Carla Connor where the two men were unwilling to move until they were allowed entry. Roy offered to pay the debt himself but didn't realise that the sum, with costs, amounted to £3,408. Hearing that he was willing to pay, Cathy gave up and allowed the two bailiffs into the house but they baulked at the sight before them - piles of possessions accumulated over the years as Cathy had never been able to bring herself to throw anything away. Not willing to search through the hoard, they left, the first man telling her that it had been a total waste of time and the courts would be in touch.

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