Barbara Wright was an optometrist who carried out a nervous Jack Duckworth's eye exam in March 1989. Although his eyesight had got so bad that he was short-changing customers at the Rovers, Jack resisted the idea of getting glasses due to his vanity and had to be dragged there by Vera.

In denial about his age catching up with him, Jack told Barbara that he was only there to humour Vera, and tried to calm his nerves by flirting with her, with his attempts gaining no reponse from the young professional. However, after a difficult start where he grabbed Barbara's arm during a glaucoma test, Jack ended up enjoying the exam, impressed with the "starship enterprise" equipment and the feeling of his eyes "being spring-cleaned", and didn't mind when Barbara prescribed him a pair of glasses for reading, although he still described them to Vera as only a precautionary measure. Understanding the ageing lothario's plight, Barbara concurred.

The episode credits the character as "Optician". Her name is from TV Times.