Barlow's Bookies was the central bookmakers of Weatherfield, located in 19 Rosamund Street. It was originally opened in October 2001 by Peter Barlow, although when he left the area in November 2003, the business and upstairs accommodation went into the hands of solicitors. The bookies' only other previous-known owner, Dan Mason, was forced to sell up after he fell on hard times in 2008. However, upon receiving a large amount of money left in Lucy Barlow's will, Peter bought the bookies from Dan and Peter and his son Simon moved into the flat upstairs. The bookies was refurbished in 2009 when Peter set fire to the flat one evening in March of that year, as he fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand. Both he and Simon were rescued by Luke Strong and Tony Gordon.
Barlows Bookies

Barlow's Bookies with old sign

One of the most memorable storylines involving the bookies occurred in mid-2010 when Lewis Archer conned Peter out of £4,000 by placing false betting slips into the till while Deirdre wasn't looking. On 4th September 2011, Carla Connor crashed her car into the premises and knocked Stella Price down. After former wife Leanne married Nick Tilsley she started working at Nick's Bistro and needed to sell her share of the bookies. Peter wanted to buy her out but didn't have the money and the bookies was losing both money and customers. With Carla (Peter's partner) hating them both working with each other she decided to buy Leanne's share behind Peter's back. With Carla not knowing anything about the business she went to her brother Rob Donovan (who was a shareholder in her business Underworld) and he kitted the bookies out with new computers, televisions and a new coffee machine. He also put up a new sign up as he thought the old one was tacky and ran down. In July 2013, Rob placed a £500 accumulator bet which came in and won him over £35,000. As he was unable to pay up in full, Peter was forced to close the business and agreed to let the premises rent-free to Rob and his girlfriend Tracy Barlow as part of their reimbursement, and they turned it into a cash converters shop which they named Barlow's Buys.