Barmaid 8514
First appearance 17th November 2014
Last appearance 17th November 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sabina Arthur

The unnamed Barmaid worked at a city centre bar in Manchester which was the last-known address that Michael Rodwell had traced his long-lost son Gavin to. Michael and Gail McIntyre went to the bar to try and get more details about his present whereabouts.

The barmaid remembered Michael from his previous visit and his need to speak to manageress Annette MacKenzie, who she told them would be back after an hour. In the meantime she got the two of them drinks and Gail proceeded to tipsy on mulled wine. When Annette arrived, the barmaid pointed her in Gail and Michael's direction. She later served a thoroughly drunk Gail a plate full of oysters.

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