Occupation Airport Barman
First appearance 2nd February 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Patrick McGuigan

The unnamed Barman worked at Manchester Airport where Stan and Hilda Ogden were supposed to fly from to go to Paris for a day as a birthday treat for Hilda. Unfortunately, Stan had a fear of flying and had a mild panic attack in the terminal. He and Hilda went outside for some fresh air and returned to find out that they'd missed their flight. Unwilling to go back home and face the taunts of the Rovers regulars, the two decided to spend all day at the airport bar where they drank copious quantities of shorts and proceeded to get roaring drunk. Despite having an Irish accent and Hilda pointing out the man's nationality, Stan for some reason got it into his head that the man was French and proceeded to address him as "Mon-sewer" every time he asked for another round. The genial barman made no attempt to put the beret-wearing drunk right.

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