Barman 525
First appearance 22nd December 1965
Number of appearances 1
Played by Unknown

The unnamed Barman served behind the bar on the night of the Licenced Victualler's ball in December 1965.

He was preparing the rooms for the evening when Annie Walker, then president of the Ladies' LV's came to see that all was well, and complained that the sign merely said "Dinner and Ball" whereas it should have said "Grand Dinner and Ball". Hearing that as Jack Walker was ill and that her escort on the night would be Lionel Petty, formerly of the Royal Artillery, he remarked that had also been his old regiment. As Annie checked the acoustics for her speech, fellow LV Nellie Harvey sneaked at look at her notes and complained to the barman that at nine pages long, it would be time for the last waltz before she was finished.

On the evening itself, he chatted to Lionel who had served twenty-five years in the RA and who asked the barman where he had served his own thirteen years. "Ablutions, mainly!" was the reply.

The character wasn't credited, either on screen or in "TV Times" and the identity of the actor playing the part is unknown.

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