Barman (Episode 7235)
Occupation Barman
First appearance 21st December 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mark Leeson

When Tina McIntyre went to make up with boyfriend Jason Grimshaw following an argument that had ensued when she learned that he was not officially divorced from estranged wife Sarah, she went to call on Jason at 11 Coronation Street only to be told by his mother Eileen that he'd gone into town.

Tina was upset that he didn't seem too bothered about their relationship, went into town herself and headed into a bar with a promotional offer on cocktails. After being served however, the Barman explained that the flier that she'd handed to him was out of date and she'd have to pay the full price of £6.50 for her drink. Refusing to let her off payment when she insisted that she'd only got £5.00 on her and needed enough money to get home, a stranger in the shape of Nick Tilsley told the barman to put the drink on his account.

She was instantly attracted to Nick as he unwittingly told her how he'd been summonsed back to Manchester by his gran to try and stop his mum from marrying her latest idiot of a boyfriend!

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