Barman 8385
First appearance 12th May 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gary Dunnington

The unnamed Barman served Peter Barlow went he went into a pub in May 2014. Peter should have been attending a scan with Carla Barlow for the baby that neither of them had planned on but he was in the midst of a self-destructive affair with Tina McIntyre and was finding it hard to beat his personal battle of the booze. Ready for trouble, the barman watched as Peter knocked back another double short and staggered back from the jukebox where he had put on a Phil Lynott track and then listened to a rambling reminiscence about the singer and a mate of Peter's from his past.

Peter ignored a series of calls from Carla and carried on drinking to the point where he refused to serve him anymore and told him to leave. When Peter became aggressive, the barman told Peter that this was his last warning and he wouldn't have a soft landing if he chucked him out. Peter left, throwing back insults that the pub was a dive, and then had trouble negotiating his way through the complications of the establishment's front door.

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