Barman 8057
First appearance 8th February 2013
Last appearance 8th February 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Naithan Ariane

The unnamed Barman worked in Manchester's gay Canal Street district. Beth Tinker and Kirk Sutherland took Marcus Dent and Maria Connor out for a night there in February 2013 in an attempt to soft-soap them as they - and Craig Tinker - had moved into 2a Coronation Street the previous December when they had found themselves homeless and they soon found themselves trying the patience of the couple.

The choice of venue was a mistake. Marcus had previously identified himself as one hundred percent gay but he and Maria had developed feelings for each other which had blossomed into a relationship. The Canal Street clubs and bars were Marcus's old stomping ground and Maria wasn't happy that he instantly found himself at home in his old milieu. The barman recognised Marcus immediately and welcomed him back, much to Maria's chagrin. When she saw the two men looking at each other across the room, she exploded and walked out, Beth and Kirk going with her. Marcus stayed behind and the barman served him while Marcus chatted to Sean Tully who had just arrived at the venue.

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