Barney Moss
Barney Moss
First appearance 17th March 1976
Last appearance 24th August 1977
Number of appearances 3
Played by Johnny Allan

Barney Moss was the boyfriend of Clara Regan at 19 Inkerman Street in 1976 after she had finished her long-term affair with Stan Ogden. Hilda didn't know this and when Stan went missing one night in March of that year she went round to the house late at night to see if he was there. Barney, raised from his bed, spoke to Hilda none too politely from the window. He spoke to Clara within and when Hilda interrupted he threatened to come down and put his foot in her "gob". Mrs Regan was also none too enamoured of Stan now, telling Hilda, through Barney, that she'd not seen "that big, fat pig of a husband" of Hilda's for weeks. Hilda yelled that she didn't believe her upon which Barney retorted that if he were in the bedroom with them he'd be bleeding a lot as he was now resident and he didn't take to sharing with big, fat pigs and Hilda was to "bog off". Stan eventually surfaced from the Rovers cellar where he'd been locked in for the night.

Towards the end of the same year he went missing again, this time for a longer period after Hilda found out that he'd been dipping into her Christmas money. She reported him to the police who wondered if another woman was involved. This thought sent Hilda scurrying round to Inkerman Street again where Barney recognised her and just as angrily told Hilda that Stan's calling days at No.19 were over and he'd pulverise him if he caught so much as a smell of him. This time, Stan was staying with Hilda's brother, Norman Crabtree.

In August of the following year he was a customer in The Kabin cafe where he was impatient with Mavis Riley when she took a long time delivering him his toast as she was distracted with family matters as her Auntie Edie had just died. In the end, he gave up waiting and left.

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