The Barrister from the Crown Prosecution Service interviewed Kirsty Soames when she made a dramatic intervention on the final day of the trial of Tyrone Dobbs for assaulting her. In truth, she had been the abuser of him for many months and had fabricated the allegation against him after she had discovered that his friendship with Fiz Stape, who he had gone to for a shoulder to cry on, had turned into an affair. Kirsty burst into the court with Ruby Soames, their child, admitting the truth of Tyrone's story and saying that she didn't trust herself any more not to hurt Ruby.

In an interview room, Kirsty told that barrister that she had been hitting Tyrone for months and that he hadn't pushed her down the stairs at 9 Coronation Street as she had claimed, but she had fallen down accidentally. Questioned as to why she was now admitting the truth, Kirsty told him she could feel her anger building all the time and she was scared that the next time she exploded she might hurt Ruby, in the same way that her own father had abused her. She asked to be locked up in order that her daughter was protected.