Barry Connor
Barry Connor
Residence Dublin
Spouse(s) Helen Connor (1968)
Children Paul Connor (1969)
Liam Connor (1974)
Michelle Connor (1976)
First appearance 4th February 2008
Last appearance 26th May 2015
Number of appearances 54
Played by Frank Grimes

Barrington "Barry" Connor first appeared in February 2008 along with his wife, Helen, and nephew, Tom, to attend his son, Liam's marriage to Maria Sutherland.

Barry and Helen returned to the Street in October to attend Liam's funeral, after Tony Gordon had him killed in a hit-and-run. They came to Weatherfield to celebrate their wedding anniversary in November.

Barry still made occasional visits with his wife, for the birth of their grandson Liam Jr, but Helen wasn't happy with Maria's relationship with Tony. They came for the anniversary of Liam's death and the christening of Liam Jr, where Helen and Barry found out Tony and Maria had got engaged, which they had later accepted.

Tony was later revealed to be behind Liam's murder when he confessed to the police. Barry and Helen returned once more, and Maria decided to move back to Ireland with them for a new life. Tony was sent down for life for the murder of Liam. Maria moved back to Weatherfield in July 2010

Barry returned to Weatherfield in October 2013 and turned up on daughter Michelle's doorstep, however he wouldn't properly disclose his reason for returning and leaving behind Helen. Shortly after his temporary move to the Rovers with Michelle and Steve McDonald, Barry reluctantly admitted to sleeping with Helen's friend Aoife, and having caught the pair together, Helen had promptly requested a divorce. Michelle took Barry back to Dublin so he could sort things out with her mother shortly after making a pass at Liz McDonald.

In May 2015 Barry returned with Helen for Michelle's wedding to Steve.

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