Barry Hawkins
Barry Hawkins
First appearance 3rd May 2012
Last appearance 1st June 2012
Number of appearances 6
Played by James Foster

Barry Hawkins was a thug hired by loan shark Rick Neelan.

After Terry Duckworth borrowed money from Rick to set up lap-dancing club Se7enth Hea7en on Viaduct Street, Barry and Jonny Smith demanded the money back after Terry failed to pay. Terry's son Tommy agreed to pay them £10,000 to bail his dad out. Barry and Jonny later helped Rick intimidate Terry, Tommy and Tina McIntyre after it turned out they had only paid off half the debt.

Barry later gave Tommy a severe beating when he refused to do any more jobs for Rick (having been forced to work for Rick after Terry did a runner). Barry was most likely arrested after Rick was caught by the police due to the interference of Kirsty Soames.

List of appearancesEdit


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