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Barry platt john jardine
Barry Platt
Spouse(s) Barbara Platt
Children Martin Platt (1968)
1 daughter
First appearance 30th September 1987
Last appearance 27th September 1991
Number of appearances 3
Played by John Jardine (1987)
Richard Conway (1991)

Barry Platt was the father of Martin Platt. In September 1987, Rita Fairclough called at his house after she spotted Martin in Weatherfield when she had believed him to be in France with Jenny Bradley. Martin was not at home but Mr. Platt confirmed that he had been back in the country for some time. Martin later explained to Rita that Jenny had refused to return with him and had remained in France with some students she befriended.

Four years later, Barry attended Martin's wedding to Gail Tilsley, along with his wife Barbara. After the wedding, Barbara stayed on at 33 Hammond Road to look after Gail and Martin's children while they went on a honeymoon to Abersoch, which Barry and Barbara had booked as a surprise to them which they presented at the reception in the Rovers Return.


Richard Conway as Barry

Barry was played by John Jardine (pictured in infobox) in 1987 and Richard Conway (left) in 1991. It is not known why the character was recast although it was possibly because of Jardine's role as Randolph Taylor, a character he played in nine episodes in 1990 and reprised in 1992. Episode 3284 credits the character as "Brian Platt".

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