Ben Dean
Occupation Solicitor
Children Victoria Dean (1981)
First appearance 3rd February 2011
Last appearance 24th October 2011
Number of appearances 4
Played by Tony Aitken

Ben Dean was a friend and fellow cricketer of Colin Fishwick's late father, John, whilst Colin was a young boy. He was also the solicitor of Colin's mother Joy.

Following Joy's death, he met with Fiz Stape, who was posing as her daughter-in-law since her husband John had been posing as Colin. Ben was unaware that the real Colin had died the previous year. Fiz, referring to John, told him that "Mr. Fishwick" had had a nervous breakdown. She also told him about their premature baby Hope, and that she had a hole in the heart with a small chance of survival. Ben consoled her by saying that he and his partner had had a seven month premature baby, Victoria, who would have been thirty that year but died when she was a week old. He also told Fiz that Colin had inherited the house and savings of John Fishwick, and that he would need Colin's bank details for the money to be transferred. He invited her to the funeral of Joy, which she attended the next day.

Ben reappeared in April 2011 at 5 Coronation Street and John answered the door. Ben told Fiz that Joy's house had been sold and that her money would be transferred at the signing of a few documents.

When it turned out John had buried Colin's body after he died, and killed Joy by accident, John had fled the country leaving Fiz to be imprisoned and blamed for being involved. When her trial occurred in October that year, Ben Dean was called to give evidence about Fiz posing as Colin's "wife" to get hold of the money.

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