Bernard Fielding
Occupation Art gallery owner
First appearance 10th September 1969
Last appearance 15th September 1969
Number of appearances 2
Played by Alan Bennion

Bernard Fielding was an art gallery owner who in 1969 arranged a one-man show exhibiting the scrap art of Stan Ogden. He was told about Stan's work by Emily Nugent, who arranged a meeting between them at 13 Coronation Street in September 1969. Fielding was enthusiastic and confident that Stan's work would draw a crowd. His enthusiasm was a surprise to Stan but not his wife Hilda, who knew Stan had hidden talents. Fielding accepted a 15% commission and started planning the exhibit but advised Stan to keep Hilda away from the gallery, as she was too working class and would show him up in public. Instead, Fielding suggested a dolly bird - an idea Stan seemed keen on.

Fielding was later told by Stan that the scrap had been taken away from his backyard, mistaken for rubbish. While disappointed, Fielding was sure another gimmick would soon surface that he could exploit.

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