Bernard Fox
Occupation Booking agent
First appearance 2nd July 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Cater

Bernard Fox was an agent for drippy organist Renee Delafonte and got her installed as occasional organist in the Rovers Return Inn Select in 1973.

Bernard got the job for her during the period when Glyn Thomas was the relief manager and made attempts to update the pub from what he thought was a moribund state. After trying out a loud pop group and getting a friendly warning from Councillor Len Fairclough, Glyn tried another tactic and called Bernard in. The first anyone aside from Glyn knew of the matter was when the sharply-dressed Bernard - and the rather strangely dressed Renee - appeared at the bar and told Bet Lynch that "the organ" would be delivered that night. Sure enough, the instrument was installed in the Select where Renee carried out her audition, playing some standards including Moon River. Ken Barlow and Alf Roberts said they couldn't stand another "cacophonous bar" and left though Minnie Caldwell stated that she quite liked it.

Alan tried to book the organ and its instant replay but Bernard talked up Renee's talents and repertoire which included The Beatles and In a Monastery Garden saying that she was like a walking musical memory bank and as regards value, she was in the same class as a bag of humbugs. He waxed lyrically that pubs she had played at that seemed derelict had been turned into pagan temples with people standing on each others heads - and all holding bought drinks. Summing up that she was the talk of the town and after one more blast on the instrument, Glyn took Renee on.

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