Bernard Morton
Bernard Morton
Occupation Vicar (Retired)
First appearance 29th September 1993
Last appearance 18th April 1994
Number of appearances 23
Played by Roland MacLeod

Bernard Morton was the vicar of St. Saviour's Church in Oakhill who became friends with Emily Bishop and came close to marrying her in 1994.

The couple met in September 1993 when Bernard officiated at the wedding of Olive Clarke and Edwin Turner and went on to become good friends. During December, they took part in the "Crisis at Christmas" campaign and gave food and clothes to the homeless. Bernard left the church in February 1994 and started his new life by going on a walking holiday with Emily. He later confessed that he had developed real feelings for Emily and proposed to her, Emily agreed to marry him but her lodger Percy Sugden told him about Emily's previous odd behaviour. This caused a lot of concern for Bernard who had already nursed his mother through mental health problems. Bernard decided he could not go through it again, called off the engagement and left her.

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