Bernie Allbright
Bernie Allbright
Occupation Allotments Inspector
First appearance 15th September 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Richard Stone

When prompted by love-struck Tyrone Dobbs, Jack Duckworth agreed to let attractive new-ager Maz O'Loughlin use the greenhouse on his allotment to expand the range of vegetables she was growing in June 2003, he was breaking the terms of his contract to have the site in the first place. It took until September for eccentric allotments inspector Bernie Allbright (or "the Gestapo" as Maz said he was called) to become aware of what was going on and warn Jack, through Tyrone, that if the accusation of sub-letting was true, he was breaking a cardinal rule, his produce would be seized and that he'd, "never grow vegetables in this town again!"

The issue became a moot point within a matter of days when it was discovered that Maz was using the greenhouse for the propagation of cannabis. Jack was arrested and fined £200.00 in court while Maz fled the area.

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