Bernie Sayers
Bernie Sayers
Occupation Golf pro
First appearance 23rd November 2009
Last appearance 14th December 2009
Number of appearances 11
Played by Jennifer Hennessy

Bernie Sayers was a professional instructor at Greenside Golf Club who, in November 2009, gave private tuition to Dev Alahan in his quest to become a better player than rival Steve McDonald - the pair were soon to play an eighteen hole round to determine the deserved "winner" of a full club membership place that had recently become available.

Their first lesson initially got off to a shaky start when Dev thought that Bernie was going to be a main "golfing man" and was startled to discover that his instructor was in fact, female! However, the lesson ended on a high and Dev took Bernie to the Rovers - claiming that she was his solicitor in front of licensee Steve and the barstaff.

Steve soon realised that both of them were having secret lessons and asked Bernie to remain silent, however this arrangement was short-lived and upon telling Dev about Steve's lessons he asked her to hinder his progress. Bernie and Dev soon began a relationship and, during a visit to the golf club during December, he instantly recognised Matt Davis, another of Bernie's clients as a business acquaintance. The following week, Dev spotted his children Aadi and Asha in the back of Matt's car and was shocked to discover that he and Dev's ex-wife Sunita were engaged to be married. After several confrontations with the couple, Dev ordered Bernie to cancel Matt's lessons and the pair argued. In an attempt to mend their relationship and prove his seriousness, Dev asked Bernie to move in with him, but realising that it was only a gesture to get back at Sunita, she promptly dumped him.

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