Bert Daniels was a police sergeant ex-colleague of Cyril Turpin's from the police force. When Cyril passed away in 1974, Bert came to pay his condolences to Betty. Even though Cyril had left the force, the lads wanted Betty to agree to let them be pallbearers at his funeral. A grateful Betty agreed.

Daniels also attended his funeral and later, as executor of Cyril's estate, tied up his affairs. Daniels told Betty that she would get £14 a week for six months, then £10.89, and advised her not to move house. His guidance was borne out of personal experience, as his sister and brother-in-law had taken in the brother-in-law's mother after her husband's death and it had ruined their lives. When he told this story to Maggie Clegg to encourage her not to let Betty give up her home to stay with her, Maggie assured him that he was preaching to the converted. Daniels was glad to be a help to Betty in her time of need, telling her that Cyril would have done the same.

In October of that year, Ken Barlow and Alf Roberts got in touch with Sgt Daniels on Betty's behalf about Bet Lynch being stranded in Spain. Daniels got in touch with the Spanish police on their behalf and reported that no trace of Bet had been found.

The character was credited as "Sergeant Daniels" in Episode 1372 (11th March 1974). His first name was established in dialogue.

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