Bert Gaunt appeared on Coronation Street as Ivy Tilsley's husband Jack. He was cast in the role when Lynne Perrie (Ivy) was a semi-regular cast member, and before her backstory was changed when she became a regular. He appeared in two episodes in 1975. Gaunt's role is unique in Street history in that, four years after he appeared, Peter Dudley was cast as Bert Tilsley, ostensibly Ivy's husband of many years, therefore excising the character of Jack Tilsley from the programme's backstory.

Like Perrie, Gaunt was a singer and comedian on the northern club circuit, and had acted alongside her the year before in the BBC Play for Today factory drama Leeds United.

He also appeared in Politics, a third season episode of the Coronation Street spin-off The Brothers McGregor in 1987.

In addition, he played a number of minor roles in various television series including Open All Hours in 1982, and Heartbeat in 1993. His most enduring role was as Sydney Huntington in Channel 4's soap opera Brookside in 1983.

His actor brother Fred Gaunt also appeared on Coronation Street in minor police officer roles.

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