Bert henshaw
Bert Henshaw
Occupation Window cleaner
Sibling(s) Fred Henshaw
First appearance 26th June 1972
Last appearance 28th June 1972
Number of appearances 2
Played by Paul Luty

Bert Henshaw was one of a pair of burly window-cleaning brothers who intimidated Stan Ogden into moving his window cleaning round onto another patch, forcing him to switch to an area of Weatherfield that, unbeknownst to Stan, was about to be demolished.

In April 1975 the Henshaws' path crossed Stan's again when he and Eddie Yeats started a window round on the Parkway Estate, again the territory of the brothers, who warned them off by kicking in a panel on the back gate of No. 13 leaving a note saying that the same would happen to their heads if they continued their round on the estate.

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