Bert Lodge was the milkman for Coronation Street who attracted the attention of Stan Ogden when he bought a pint of bitter in the Rovers one lunchtime, saying that his working day was now over. Stan was unemployed and looking for a job provided that suited his talents and requirements and he thought that this could be the one he was looking for as it left him plenty of more drinking time in the day.

Stan got up early the next day to meet Bert when he delivered the morning pint and sat on a chair on the step of No.13 in his pyjama top waiting for him. When he arrived, he asked Bert if there were any jobs going at his place and for him to put a good word in for him, his envy of his trade increasing when he realised that part of his morning routine was to see ladies like Elsie Tanner in their dressing gowns each day!

A couple of weeks later, Stan was taken on as a milkman, although he was unhappy at having to get up at 4.00am in the morning.