Bert Slater
Bert Slater
Occupation Landlord
First appearance 23rd April 1973
Last appearance 25th April 1973
Number of appearances 2
Played by Joe Holroyd

Bert Slater was the landlord of the Old Nag's Head on the famed Pennine Way. In April 1973 Albert Tatlock decided to complete the walk when a pensioner friend, Herbert James, boasted of doing the same. Jerry Booth offered to do the walk with Albert but had little idea of the ordeal in store for him as he carried all their camping gear and utensils while Albert strode ahead across the moors to find a place to have something hot. Albert found the handy pub and got himself a bowl of soup. Impressed by Albert doing the walk at his age, the landlord told him about "Jessie" James who did the walk every year, and was informed by Albert that he and Jessie had a bet on as to whether he'd complete the walk.

Later, upon resuming the walk, Albert again got tired of waiting on Jerry and returned to the Old Nag's Head to wait with "a drop of rum" while the worried landlord questioned him about his missing companion and suggested that they wait for another half hour and then alert the rescue authorities as there was a mist coming down. Jerry, his pots and pans clanking away, came in a few minutes later, out of breath and seething with anger at Albert who insisted that he pay for another rum for him.

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