Bert Winstanley
Bert Winstanley
Occupation Brewery Drayman
First appearance 26th January 2004
Last appearance 28th January 2004
Number of appearances 2
Played by Peter Lorenzelli

Bert Winstanley was a brewery drayman who made a delivery to the Rovers and enquired from Shelley Unwin if she was now over her relationship with Peter Barlow. Shelley was a bit taken aback and stated that it was none of his business but Bert told her he was only making enquiries on behalf of his mate and fellow drayman, Eric Gartside who fancied her. Shelley remembered Eric and wasn't interested. Later on though, in conversation with mother Bev, Shelley decided that it wouldn't hurt to go on a date with Eric and get back into the dating game. The next time that Bert was making a delivery, she asked for Eric's number, much to his friend's genuine delight. In the event though, the night proved less than successful.

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