Bertha lumley
Bertha Lumley
Spouse(s) Nathaniel Lumley
Children Freda Todd
First appearance 19th July 1976
Last appearance 4th August 1976
Number of appearances 6
Played by Madoline Thomas

Bertha Lumley was Albert Tatlock's sparring partner at the bingo in 1976. Bertha started talking to Albert during a game and suggested they go halves. Surprisingly, the miserly pensioner agreed and honoured his word after winning the £100 house prize.

Unfortunately Albert didn't know what he was letting himself in for as Bertha was a bingo regular and, deciding that Albert was lucky, started calling at 1 Coronation Street to dote on him and get him to agree to another game. While she was there, her daughter Freda Todd arrived at the house to fetch her, remarking that Bertha's husband Nat had threatened to kill the next man she went off with at bingo. Bertha told a worried Albert that Nat never made good on his threats, while Albert was simply bemused that aspersions were being cast upon their innocent friendship.

Later, Nat sought out Albert but rather than being after Albert's blood, he in fact offered to pay Albert to keep taking Bertha out! Nat explained that Bertha's passion for bingo meant that if she was losing she was difficult to live with and since meeting her "lucky charm" she had been a delight. Albert obliged and Bertha had another win that afternoon, this time only £20. Albert expected them to split the winnings as before but Bertha refused to do so as they hadn't agreed to go halves this time, Albert had only assumed it. Bertha blanked Albert when he banged on her door to demand his £10 but later gave him his share, saying it had been preying on her mind. The exciteable pensioner gave Albert a peck on the cheek as she left his house. Somehow, Nat found out about this and charged over to No.1 to have it out with Albert. Ena Sharples managed to separate them before they came to blows.

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