Biddulph's was newsagent/cafe/lending library situated at 16 Rosamund Street, owned by Walter Biddulph. The shop consisted of a single room with a divider in the middle, behind the counter. Biddulph brewed the coffee/tea at the counter and served cafe customers through a serving hatch. Befitting its reputation as a rough and grotty fleapit, the shop was dark and untidy, with the lending library in particular a disorganised mess, with an unkempt pile of newspapers lying on the back table.

In 1960, Jed Stone and a young Dennis Tanner were caught breaking into Biddulph's and Dennis was sentenced to six months in prison.

At one point, the future Det. Sgt. Crichton delivered papers for Biddulph.

In May 1973, Ray Langton visited the establishment and had a drink in the cafe to discuss the possibility of buying the shop, having heard on the grapevine that Biddulph was selling up and moving to Spain. The rumours were true, however Biddulph informed Ray that he had already done a deal with Len Fairclough which was all but signed on the dotted line. After completing the deal with Len, Biddulph shut up shop and left Weatherfield, leaving the new owner to give the interior a much-needed refurbishment in preparation for its new existence as the Kabin.

The shop was attached to an upstairs flat, accessed via a staircase behind the cafe.

The shop interior was seen in Episode 1288 (21st May 1973). It also appeared in the following episode, now owned by Len Fairclough.